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EAST SHORE RV PARK, 2,3,4, February, 2018
Puddingstone Lake
1440 Camper View Road, San Dimas, Southern California


BBQ-Qfest / BIVOUAC, February 2-3-4, 2018, EVENT DESCRIPTION
Pricing and worksheet information at:
TEXT OR CALL 661-600-2530

BBQ-QFests / BBQ Bivouacs  (  /  )  are overnight social events where BBQ enthusiasts , families, and friends, get together, socialize, and bring  the BBQ equipment and food necessary to contribute to potlucks, enjoy camp Fires, and make the weekend special.  All to have a weekend of barbecue food  and fun.
Many of the California BBQ Association members also attend and make it special.  New people and folks interested in BBQ may attend as long as they coordinate that attendance and participation  through the Event Coordinator (me) so we can ensure that all costs are understood and that appropriate resources are provided to all attendees.


I reserve and pay for all RV spots at East Shore RV Park (and have for the last 20 years)  and arrange or bring whatever is necessary to  meet our immediate ( firewood, eatware, spots to camp and park) needs.  Participants then reserve  RV / Vehicle parking spots, tent spots, or just day parking and bring  food for Potlucks.  Coordination and itemization for all activities are done  through me at the following link:  This because I coordinate and pay for all the resources and facilities at East Shore RV, a year in advance.  Thus we obtain the best spots, fire-pits, and all the facilities we need., :   

Participants, CBBQA members and families, bring potluck contributions to enjoy (and whatever else they need).  Non-members and CBBQA guests are charged a fee for both parking and potlucks to cover the cost of the overall event.  That being  equipment, campfires wood,  eatware, parking, etc.


We have 4 Potluck dinners - Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday afternoon dinner, and Saturday 2nd dinner (later in the evening around the campfire). And hopefully one or more seminars are provided on Friday or Saturday (if we get volunteers)  on a topic related to meats, foods,  cooking and barbecue.    Members typically bring all tools necessary to perform their volunteered tasks.  That can be a cooker / smoker or any BBQ tools to cook and prepare their potluck entrées.  Typically each CBBQA family attending brings a Potluck entrée and/or  side dish large enough for 8-10 people, or larger if you want, for each Potluck they participate in.  The Event Coordinator ( me ) list  and manages the food  dish entrées  through the worksheet so we bring our best, have little duplication, and everything is coordinated as best we can all do.  There are foods listed which participants can sign up to do/submit, or you can bring your best, anything you want !!!  Just make it your best !!!


For BBQ Bivouacs / Q-Fests to be successful and possible many people must volunteer to pitch in and help (many hands make little work). Q-Fest tasks and responsibilities cannot be all put on the shoulders of the coordinator or just a few people.  Those bringing  meat and side entrées to the potluck need to prepare, cook/smoke, slice, and present in foil pans with disposable serving spoons for their submitted  products.  Many will bring their portable BBQ smokers (WSM's, Kettles, whatever...) to cook with and get the meat/sides ready for serving.   One or two folks  might bring a large community smoking pit which can be of great assistance.  However, that is never guaranteed and everybody needs to be prepared to cook and present their own products!    Everyone attending a Q-Fest should be prepared to help out with the work of setup:  cooking, preparing, serving tables, general setup, and it is nice to help supply necessary equipment, (tables & Ez-Ups), and help with  clean-up, etc.


For the last 20 years we have never had to pay in advance.  I could just collect the monies for the RV reservations upon everybody's arrival, then go and pay.  In other words the spots were my responsibility and I managed to pay and make it all work each year (lol, yes it was very stressful).


Well, East Shore changed everything this year.  The old management has retired and new management (along with the owner) now manage directly.  I used to reserve the spots a year in advance and not pay till the event.  Now I reserve and pay upon making the reservations, one year prior. They won't accept any other method.  So, I am out on a limb !!!  This year I reserved 12 of our key and important spots that give us access to all the open areas, parking, fire pits, and views that we are accustomed to.  AND, I will ask that everybody that makes an RV reservation, that you then send me a check ASAP directly via U.S. Mail.    (as I have already paid in advance).  That relieves my pocket book outlay and makes me feel less stressed !!! 
 All RV sites are  purchased for the entire 2 day event, not just for the day.  In other words it is a 2 day reservation, Arrival is on Friday after 14:00 and leaving on Sunday by 12:00 noon.
The RV Spot rental fee is $130 for the entire weekend.  Out of that I will provide RV camping spot (and by the way they are full hookups, including cable),  disposable eatware, firewood, parking (for everybody, not just the campers), and space for the tenters and areas for our Potluck setup.  Pricing for the events activities is listed on the worksheet.


If a member or guest who reserved an RV site is unable to attend after reserving and paying for the spot the monies are NOT refundable.  As it is not refundable to me (and I paid in advance).  Tent campers do not need to pay in advance as I assign and use the spots between our adjacent RV site  to provide a location.  No stress on tenting.  CBBQA members and guests arriving on Friday or Saturday, will pay upon arrival as listed in the worksheet based upon whatever services or requirements they might have.  That worksheet is located at

Folks camping in a reserved  RV site do not pay a parking fee for their parking as long a they use their RV spot.
All other attending participants shall pay for parking to attend the Q-Fest,.


CBBQA members and their immediate family do not pay a food/potluck fee.  All non-participating guests and  friends attending will pay to participate in the potlucks and for parking.  Again, these monies go towards perpetuating this event.


Attendees shall be given a name tag signifying that they have paid the RV / Potluck / Parking fees. Guests will be given a name tag signifying that they have paid the parking and food fees. No one should  attend potlucks who does not have a name tag. 
To attend, and participate peruse the  worksheet located at identify the RV spots,, request a tent site, and check out the Potluck listing to see how to best participate in the potluck and what entree to bring. 


You can email me at , or call at 661-600-2530  and I will update the worksheet.

Thanks everybody for checking this out, hope you can attend, and we have GREAT times every year !!!




Dan Cannon


661-600-2530 - Text or Call

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