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2002 World Championship
Barbecue Cooking Contest Winners

Direct from the Memphis in May Website   

Grand Champion
  Pyropigmaniacs Memphis, TN
Whole Hog
  1. Southern Gentlemen's Culinary Society Little Rock, AR
  2. Pig Pounda Kappa Loganville, GA
  3. Pit & Pigulum II Memphis, TN
  4. Curly Tail Smokers Bartlett, TN
  5. Jack's Old South BBQ Sauce Cooking Team Vienna, GA
  6. Super Smokers BBQ St. Louis, MO
  7. Airpork Crew Memphis, TN
  8. Huff-N-Puff Porkers Port Gibson, MS
  9. Smokin' Stokes & Cheerwine Greenville, SC
  10. Barbecue Republic Germantown, TN
  1. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Decatur, AL
  2. Roadside Grill Cooking Team Birmingham, AL
  3. Piped For Pork Cordova, TN
  4. Squealer Dealers Uradilla, GA
  5. Allegro Gourmet Cooking Team Dresden, TN
  6. Pork, Sweat & Beers Memphis, TN
  7. The Charside Collierville, TN
  8. Wizards of Que Nesbit, MS
  9. Fossil Fueled Porkers
Memphis, TN
  10. Not Ready for Swine Time Porkers Cordova, TN
  1. Pyropigmaniacs Memphis, TN
  2. Whole Hog Café Little Rock, AR
  3. Porkosaurus Bartlett, TN
  4. Magnolia Smokers Columbus, MS
  5. Boggy Pond BBQ Brigade Moultrie, GA
  6. Pigs-O-War
Memphis, TN
  7. Meat Wagon Smokers Somerville, TN
  8. Sweetness of Hog Oakland, TN
  9. Mile High BBQ Team Collierville, TN
  10. Real Flavor Hogmaniacs Jenks, OK
Patio Porkers
  1. Red Dawg Porker
Memphis, TN
  2. Smokin Spiders Memphis, TN
  3. Country Boys BBQ Mt. Carmel, IL
  4. Krewe of Hoof, Snout and Tail Bartlett, TN
Anything But - Poultry
  1. Sicilian Smokers
Memphis, TN
  2. Porker Power Memphis, TN
  3. Badges, Brews & BBQ's
Edgewood, WA
Anything But - Beef
  1. Pig Diamonds Memphis, TN
Memphis, TN
  2. Fireman John's BBQ Madison, MS
  3. Pork Authority
Memphis, TN
Anything But - Seafood
  1. Pit-Stop Porkers
Cordova, TN
  2. Rock-N-Roll BBQ Lakeland, FL
  3. Sow Luau
Bartlett, TN
Anything But - Exotic
  1. Smokin Spiders
Memphis, TN
  2. Barbecue Republic Germantown, TN
  3. The Charside
Collierville, TN
Hot Wings
  1. Bootlegg BBQ
Grafton, NE
  2. Boggy Pond BBQ Brigade Moultrie, GA
  3. Hog Heaven
Cincinnati, OH
Sauce - Tomato
  1. Any Pork in a Storm Millington, TN
  2. Hog Heaven Cincinnati, OH
  3. The Good The Bad The Swine Memphis, TN
Sauce - Vinegar
  1. Tom and Jerry's Global Porkers Arlington, TN
  2. Pot Bellie Cookers Hernando, MS
  3. Smokey Bones BBQ Orlando, FL
Sauce - Mustard
  1. Florida Boys Sebring, FL
  2. Annesdale Pork Memphis, TN
  3. Curly Tail Smokers Bartlett, TN
Ms. Piggie
  1. Pig Stars Arlington, TN
  2. Swine & Dine Memphis, TN
  3. Highway Ribbery Memphis, TN
Sanctioned Contest Network Invitational Winner
  Rebel Roaster Revue Memphis, TN
Best Booth
  1. All Star Ten Pin Porkers Bartlett, TN
  2. Tom and Jerry's Global Porkers Arlington, TN
  3. Bodine Flying Saucers Collierville, TN
Best T-Shirt
  1. Rocking Rhinos Memphis, TN
  2. Bodine Flying Saucers Collierville, TN
  3. Mighty Swiners Memphis, TN
People's Choice Award
  Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Decatur, AL