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Team BBQbyDan
(Coyote Road Kill)
Experience at the 2nd Annual B nB Arizona State Championship BBQ Cook-Off, 
Scottsdale AZ, March 28-30, 2003

  bnb_team200.jpg (69523 bytes)
  Rick Streiff, Dan & Barbara Cannon, Gary Balbach


The Coyote Road Kill Cooking team tied for Grand Champion at the B n' B Arizona State BBQ Championship Cook-Off held in Scottsdale this weekend!!! 

  A computer coin-toss determined the Grand Champion to be a well deserved Roger Wagner of team "The Arizona Kid",  who owns the local BBQ Restaurant "The Pitts Again".  Coyote Road Kill was awarded Reserve Champion.  Meat entry placement follows:

Coyote Road Kill - Reserve Champion
(tied for Grand Champion)


11th   Chicken    (tied for 10th)

4th     Pork Ribs (tied for  3rd)

6th     Pork Butt 

7th     Brisket

   <Top ten team scores>

The trip out to Scottsdale from my neighborhood is about 440 miles.  We  live roughly 50 miles northeast of the Los Angeles Airport.  For the B n' B BBQ Cook-Off  our team consisted of Gary Balbach, Rick Streiff, myself (Dan Cannon), and my wife Barbara.  Gary left  Thursday morning about 05:30 and arrived very early while missing the winds and traffic, then napping behind Home Depot.  Rick and I left about 08:00 California time linking up with Todd Eves of "Todd's Out of this World BBQ Products" two hours down the road.  We then all caravanned from that point on, about 6 hours.  We fought winds with our high-profile trailers all the way to Scottsdale.   I  assumed that winds were a daily and common occurrence in Arizona, later finding they are not that normal.  We finally arrived at the Pavilions about 16:30. 
Setup and a late dinner with everybody
Upon arrival at the BBQ venue  we immediately met Tim Matykiewicz who was assisting others locate and setup properly.  Tim pointed us to our VERY NICE spot and said feel free to setup as best suits us.  This was on a very nice grassy field with easy access to everything.  What a great venue and hospitality.  Sometimes it can be a bit more difficult getting setup while being shoe-horned in.
Jim Blake was there helping to direct arriving folks to their locations and assist as he could.  Smokin' John Burke was also set up already and waiting for company to visit with.  Todd Eves set up just adjacent and down one spot from us.
After everybody got situated Todd started cooking tritips for all, I broke out garlic bread, and Gary Balbach broke out his 4 pounds of potato salad.  So, needless to say we (Jim Blake, John Burke, Gary Balbach, myself, Barbara, and our pups) all sat around the BBQ pit, ate tritip and sides, and had a great chit-chat session lasting until midnight.  Hey, you got to relax a bit prior to the stress and strain of the cook-off itself!
Venue and weather
What a GREAT venue and weather! The slight winds died down that evening and it never really did get windy enough to be a bother the rest of the weekend.  The sun was out and the  temperature was typically mid-80's or less.  What a nice change from the colder weather at my house.
One of the first things that Tim and Lane mentioned is that they were trying very hard to be team friendly and team accommodating.  This REALLY made the whole trip ever so enjoyable.  To be allowed to pull in and set up next to our RV's and cooking rigs can just make all the difference in the world.  I typically travel with my wife Barbara and my two Beagle pups.  Barb is an active member of the team so it is difficult when we are unable to be located adjacent to each other.  This event was so incredibly nice that I plan to attend every year. 

bnb_teamsview3.jpg (33586 bytes)

Cooking environment and meeting new BBQ people
Got up Saturday morning to the sounds of teams pulling in and folks setting up their rigs.  First thing we had to do was get some ice to chill our meats down and pick up forgotten and unanticipated  BBQ requirements at the local Albertson's. 
Then I started  to make my rounds to all the teams sites, introduce myself,  say hello if there were folks around, and get to just meet some great new people.  Having 23 participating teams was a nice large group by California standards.  Lately in California we have only had about 10 - 18 teams doing our events and everybody usually knows each other already.  That is good, but it was nice to get to meet  the  Arizona BBQ folks.  Now when I read about activities on the website or in the newsletter I might be able to put faces to names.  

bnb_teamsview18.jpg (46834 bytes)

It was also nice to have everybody give us a tour of their equipment and understand their BBQ techniques a bit better.  Jim Blake described to us how he built his 4 cooking level BBQ rig and how he could control cooking on it through his unusual venting and water system.  Then Daryl took us on a tour through his BBQ trailer and helped Rick and I better understand how he cooks his BBQ very successfully but in a direct-heat method.  It was also nice to look at all the demonstration Treager equipment and have a detailed look-see  at exactly how they work.  There is always something more to learn about how everybody has a little tip or method of doing BBQ or cooking differently.

We put our long-haul meats on prior to the cooks meeting, ribs and chicken the next morning, and all went as anticipated through to final turn-ins.  So smooth that there is nothing abnormal to mention.

bnb_crkrig4.jpg (18951 bytes)

Awards ceremony
Rick, Gary, and I typically try and pack up as much as we can right after the final brisket turn-in.   That saves us a lot of time the next morning while we are trying to get out of town.  If we are close to home (within 100 miles) we will relax and make a nice breakfast on Sunday morning prior to departure.  However, since we were 8 hours from home we opted to try and get out on the road as soon as we got up and completed packing.

The awards ceremony was typical.  At least for us we always say, "just don't let us get skunked"!  One never knows.  We have done about 30 contests over the last 5 years and found nothing is predictable.  Just when you think you have something great it does not do well.  Then, when you think you messed up it does well.  We just try and be consistent and not experiment while in contest mode.  Anyway, we were getting worried a bit during the ceremony but in the end all turned out well for us.  We were all excited about the results for not only our team but all our BBQ friends as well. 

We as a team a long time ago decided that the BBQ contests needed to be as much of a fun and social thing as they are a contest.  So, if the venue requires us to move or leave on the Saturday night  (right after awards ceremony)  we will choose to pass on the event.  We also often prefer to arrive on a Thursday afternoon prior to the event so we can meet and socialize with the early team arrivals.  After all, much of the fun of the whole contest is getting to sit around and celebrate either our own, or our fellow BBQ friends, victories and listen to the stories being told.  Saturday night was no exception.  We had a great time watching the hot air balloons and  visiting with everybody that stayed till about midnight.  We then decided if might be time to go down so we could leave early.

bnb_teamsview8.jpg (67346 bytes)

Packing up and the trip home
Got up by 06:00 Sunday morning to a nice sunny, warm, calm day.  Finished packing up to pull out by 07:30.  Said our good-by's to everybody and hit the road.  Had breakfast on the way home and of course had to stop at the local gas stations on the Arizona side of the border  and save 50 cents on the gallon for the sprint across the desert (wind-free) to Los Angeles.  We were all home by 17:00 after a very nice ride home.
On behalf of Team Coyote Road Kill (Barbara, the pups, Rick Streiff, Gary Balbach, and myself) we would like to thank Tim Matykiewicz, Lane Smith, Jim Blake, and all the other Arizona folks that treated us so well, for providing a great venue and contest,  and enabling us to have a very memorable and and enjoyable time.

Dan Cannon,

Grand Champion  -  Arizona Kid
Reserve Champion  -  Coyote Road Kill



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