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    Collapsible Windproof  Chafing Dishes,  Wind Guards, Chafing Dish Skirts, Chafer Safety Barrier, Induction and Butane Cooker Guards.  

































BBQbyDan Trailered Wood Smoking BBQ Pits.

Awnings down  & pit ready to start smoking 400 lbs of BBQ
Gina Hayes is prepping for BBQ meat delivery Dean Hayes & Dan set up BBQbyDan banner
Klose Off-Set BBQ Smoker 30" x 8' Cooking / Smoking Chamber Large Off-Set Insulated Firebox
Food Entry Doors & Freezer
Freezer & Firebox
Awnings open all around
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Front Stairs & Work Area
Food Entry Doors & Stairs
Food Entry Doors & Freezer
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Storage & Electrical Box  Freezer & Wood Chamber  Stainless sink & work table
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Storage & Electrical Box 

Stairway, canopy, sink, stove

 BBQbyDan's Catering Rig! It is the Ole Hickory Model EL. It is capable of providing the best product and larger quantities to the customer while at the same time working more efficiently and reducing the overall work load at an event. All those benefits are accomplished due to following:

- The pit can handle 500 pounds of varied meats. If you imagine that the average person will eat 1/2 pound of meats with their BBQ sides you will see we can easily handle 250 in one pass in this pit alone. For more people we bring more pits.

- 15 rotisserie shelves that the meat is placed on. This rotisserie moves the meats in a circular fashion allowing them to self-baste themselves providing the moistest and tastiest BBQ meats available.

- A 1/4 horse Convection fan will ensure, along with the rotisserie movement, that the meats are as evenly cooked as they can be. There will be no hot or unavailable spots in the pit. All product, wherever placed, will be perfectly and evenly cooked.

- Wood, propane, or any combination of both will ensure that a very stable and even cooking environment is provided and maintained. This can be accomplished via the turn of a dial and the setting of of a thermostat. No over or under cooking occurs. When the food has had enough smoke then the unit will provide heat and cook to the desired temperature without over-smoking.

The Ole Hickory pit is manufactured for the continuous, 24 hour a day, 7 day a week cooking environment that a typical authentic BBQ restaurant demands. This pit will not see that type of "duty requirement" in our catering business. However, that built-in authentic BBQ cooking capability and reliability will transfer easily and perfectly to our customers delight, satisfaction, ambiance, and appreciation of what authentic BBQ can and will bring to all their senses.

The Trailer and BBQ Pit boast the following:

- Open bay work area in front of pit easily accessed via built in stairs
- Built in stainless steel wash sink and work table
- Built in 75 gallon fresh water storage and plumbing with hot water
- Built in 14 gallon propane system and plumbing
- Cook Stove, three burner head, 32,000 BTU per head for preparing sides on site
- Freezer and cooler on board for the maximum safety and freshness of all meats
- 15 rotisserie shelves to handle 500 pounds of BBQ meats
- Convection fan and rotisserie shelves ensure a self-basted, moist, and evenly cooked / smoked BBQ meat product
- Can run continuously unattended with a perfect cooking temperature via a thermostat control
- Can be taken to any location that a standard vehicle can access 
- Can cook and hold meats at any temperature desired
- Overhead canopy to shade and protect during hot or inclement weather. Ensuring that CRK will be there to provide our product rain or shine

Factory Specifications on the Old Hickory Model EL are:

  • Heavy Duty:  12 Gauge Steel Interior (100% welded & inspected seams).  Tubular Steel Frame:  22 Gauge Stainless steel exterior, Mineral Wool Insulation, rated 1200 degrees F.

  • Electrical:  110 Volts, 15 Amp.

  • Gas Burner:  65,000 BTU, LP (Propane)

  • Firebox:  Two regular fireplace size logs will last for up to 6 hours of cooking.  Air over firebox circulation.

  • Cooks with Wood only, Propane Only, Or any mixture of both

  • Has BBQ Competition kit installed for Wood Only and Propane-Off indicators

  • Upper Limit Control Switch:  Extra Safety Feature

  • Temperature Range:  100 - 325 degrees F.

  • Dial Thermometer:  2 1/2 inch diameter

  • Heavy Duty Foot Switch:  Rotisserie Advance

  • Convection System: 1/4 HP motor with 10 inch fan blade

  • Rotisserie:  15 Racks, 12"x36", 45 Sq. Ft. Cooking Surface

  • Rotisserie Drive:  Heavy Duty 1/4 HP Motor

  • Weight: 1660 lbs.

  • Grease Drain:  2" Pipe with 2" Ball Valve

  • Mounted on 8'x16' Utility 2 Axel (3500 rated each) Trailer


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