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The following recipe came to me in 1995 from a friend of Jerry Keeter.  This beats paying the high prices for the Bailey's Bristol Crème. We were at a Christmas party when he broke the stuff out and it tasted great. He gave me the following recipe:
3 Egg whites beaten well
1 Cup Irish Whiskey 
1 14 oz. can Eagle Sweetened Milk (Thick version)
- or -
1 14 oz. can Eagle Low Fat condensed Milk (Thinner version, better)
1/2 Pint Whipping Cream
2 teaspoons (little spoon) of Instant -or- Freeze dried Coffee
2 Tablespoons of Chocolate (Hershey's type) syrup topping
Beat egg whites well
Blend Whiskey and Coffee, then mix with egg whites
Add Milk, sweetened or low fat, and blend
Then add all remaining ingredients
Refrigerate and shake well daily till used up
Jamison's Irish Whiskey is lighter flavor & cheaper, some people think
it is better, or different.

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