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Recipes, BBQ & Other



By Dan Cannon

BBQ Brisket / Butt                              Leftovers, about 2 pounds worth +/-

Chicken or Beef Stock                     1 Can

Corn or Flour Tortillas                      As many as you want

Taco fixings (chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, shredded cheese)

Take your left-over brisket and cut cross-grain slices, 3/4 (or whatever) inch thick you like. Break the slices into smaller chunks and put into a large (14-15") diameter fry pan (aluminum or Cast iron), add 1 can of either chicken or beef stock, and put on high. When the brisket is very hot take a potato masher (wire type) and mash the brisket. It will look almost like short pulled pork, which is the object of mashing. This will mix the stock into the shredded brisket nicely making it very moist. Continue cooking and stirring occasionally the brisket and stock until the stock is reduced to your desired brisket moistness level. I leave it kind of moist, not dripping. Depending upon how much meat you use you might need to add a 2nd can of stock. Chicken or Beef stock work equally well. I also use Pork Butt if that is what is handy, or mix and match both brisket and pork together. No set method and whatever the group likes. This is a very nice way of getting rid of the drier flat of leftover brisket or butt. I have never found a need to add seasonings as the seasonings from the cooked butt or brisket bark does a fine job.

For the tortillas I use corn. You can use flour and then they take on the tone more of a burrito instead of a taco. We will do both and give people the choice of what they want. For the flour tortilla I just heat it up. For the corn tortilla I have a bowl with my favorite oil (mostly use canola) and a basting brush available. Then, on a hot griddle (mine fits 8 corn tortillas) I brush the corn tortilla, one side, with oil, put it oil side down on the griddle, then brush the tortilla tops with oil. Cook, or brown, the tortillas to your desired doneness on BOTH sides and put on a plate covered with towels to maintain their heat. Or another option is to wrap them around a small round rod type object, then put about 8 at a time inside a drinking glass of some type.  This holds their heat and establishes a Taco curvature to your shell.

The toppings we use are simply what is available, or sliced tomatoes, both shredded jack and cheddar cheese, diced green or white onions, cilantro, your favorite hot sauce, and whatever else you might want on your tacos.

By the way, my next favorite use of left-over brisket (and we do it a LOT) is replace the ground beef in your Shepherds Pie Casserole recipe with the brisket prepared as described above. MAN, that is REALLY tasty with a nice rich (lots of butter and milk) mashed potato topping. So, if we go home after a Q-fest and have left over brisket and mashed potatoes (and we do every time) guess what gets made right away?




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