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Simple Green Cleaning Products are used exclusively by
Team BBQbyDan



    Collapsible Windproof  Chafing Dishes,  Wind Guards, Chafing Dish Skirts, Chafer Safety Barrier, Induction and Butane Cooker Guards.  































A BBQ Resource & Tabloid News Informant Devoted to America's #1 Pastime, BBQ!

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One of two professional restaurant BBQ Smoking Pits used at all BBQbyDan catered events
(second unit below)
(more pictures of this pit)
BBQbyDan staff serving guests
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Pork Shoulder Butts,
 bone-in, smoked slowly for 15 hours overnight with Pecan and Oak on Ole Hickory Professional BBQ  Smokers.  The meat is so tender it falls off the bone.  Ready to be pulled or  sliced to enjoy on your plate, as finger-food,  or  on a on sandwich.  Or maybe just dip the burnt-ends into a heaping mound of BBQbyDan BBQ Sauce!
Our most popular and requested meat entr้e.  The  BBQbyDan "signature" meat selection (along with Brisket)! 

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Second of two professional restaurant BBQ Smoking Pits used at all BBQbyDan catered events
                 (more pictures of this pit)
BBQbyDan Buffet serving setup
Additional large capacity BBQ Smoker
      (more pictures of this pit)


BBQbyDan - Excellence in Catering
Providing Authentic & Award Winning BBQ Cuisine
...Everytime !


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Dan Cannon, aka BBQbyDan
< Inaugural inductee into the
California  BBQ Association  "Hall of Fame",

         Rick                     Dan                   Brent  
Vancouver British Columbia Canada Rib Fest 2011
Rib Vending at the 100 year old Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) fair

     < Click Here - Pictures / Write-up / Article - Click Here >

Team BBQbyDan (aka Coyote Road Kill)
State & Event Championship level Awards
 for Excellence in Cooking...


Wild West BBQ Bash / Cook-Off
Dan Cannon, Team BBQbyDan &
Robert Santoro, Team Santa Ynez BBQ

Grand Champions
< Scores - Pictures >

Santa Maria California


Sunburst BBQ Cook-Off
Reserve Grand Champion

< Scores - Pictures >
Los Alamitos California


Moorpark BBQ Cook-Off
Grand Champion - TIE
Went to Tie-Breaker, took Reserve

< Scores - Pictures >
Moorpark California


BBQ'n at the Gene Autry Museum
California State Championship
Reserve Grand Champion

< Scores - Pictures >

Los Angeles California


Go For The Gold BBQ Cook-Off
California State Championship,
Reserve Grand Champion

< Article 1 - Pictures >

Azusa, California


Blues & Baloons BBQ Cook-Off
Arizona State Championship
Grand Champion - TIE
Went to Tie-Breaker, took Reserve

< Article1 - Pictures >

Scottsdale Arizona


So. California State BBQ Cook-Off
California State Championship
Grand Champion

< Article 1 >   < Article 2 >   
< Picture >
Azusa California


Vietnam Pictures, 1970 - 1971
Lai Khe 1971 A-Troop, 3rd of the 17th Cavalry Yearbook
V  V

Roxy & Reno



Last Updated May 19th  2024

Just to let everybody know we are still Catering & Delivering BBQ while adhering to COVID government restrictions & standards. 

FYI, I, BBQbyDan (Dan Cannon) have been vaccinated. 

We have always, typically, operate & serve outside or inside upon request. We will wear face masks & shields & practice social distancing, while adhering to current practices & honoring customer requests. Please give us a call and let us talk about options for making your special event happen !!!

Thanks, Dan

         BBQ-Qfest -


<BBQ Bivouac, 2018, Pictures>

<BBQ Bivouac, 2016, Pictures>
< Q-Fest, 2015, Pictures >
< Q-Fest, 2014, Pictures >

< Q-Fest, 2013, Pictures >
< Q-Fest, 2012, Pictures >
< Q-Fest, 2011, Pictures >
< Q-Fest, 2010, Pictures >
< Q-Fest, 2009, Pictures >
< Q-Fest, 2008, Pictures >
< Q-Fest, 2007, Pictures >
< BBQ Bivouac, 2006, Pictures >
< Q-Fest, 2006, Pictures >

< Q-Fest, 2005, Pictures >
< Q-Fest, 2004, Pictures >
< Q-Fest, 2003, Pictures >

& the very 1st Q-Fest here in Southern California...
 < Q-Fest, 1998, Pictures >


California BBQ Association Hall  of Fame
pictured as of BBQ-Bivouac,  28-January-2019
at San Dimas / Lake Puddingstone, California
From the left top - Brent Walton, Kim Walton, Frank Boyer, Ric Gilbert, Dan Cannon (BBQbyDan), Randy Gille, Ben Lobenstein, Darry Smith, Harry Soo, & Thom Emery
From the left bottom - Jerry Aguilar, Hayward Harris, Sterling Ball, Andrew Soto, Stephan Franklin, Donna Fong, Steve Madule, Bill Keyes, Lawrence Hill, Kelly McIntosh, Kathleen McIntosh, & Gene Goycochea

< California BBQ HOF History & Information >

  Twentynine Palms Marine Base

Cooking BBQ for 13,000-18,000 Marines & their dependants

< pictures & write-up from this event >

< pictures & write-up from this event >
Team BBQbyDan (Rick & Karen Streiff, Dan & Barbara Cannon) head out to Twentynine Palms Marine Base to provide support to the California BBQ Association (CBBQA) as well as many volunteers in providing a BBQ dinner to the Marines and their dependents at the Twentynine Palms Marine Base sports field.  We will all go out on Friday, arriving in the early afternoon to prep meats, setup smokers, and cook the traditional award winning BBQ faire that we all do so often.  All BBQ groups and volunteers are  contributing (at no charge) their time, efforts, equipment, and fuels.
Friday evening late afternoon and evening will be dedicated to unwrapping, trimming, and seasoning 350 full size Briskets.  That would be 4,662 pounds.  Yes, it takes a lot of brisket to feed 18,000 folks.  Briskets will come off the cookers early Saturday, go into warmers, then quartered and Buffalo Chopped, then into foil pans, and into the final warmers ready to serve for dinner.  Chicken, Hamburgers, and Hot Dogs will also be served.  This is the 5th year that Team BBQbyDan has had the privilege of being a part of this great event. 
Del King is one of the originators, catalysts, and unbroken link that keeps these events happening.  He keeps the Military involved, all the volunteers updated, events planned, and is ready on a moments notice to do an event like this anywhere.

< pictures & write-up from this event >  

< more pictures & information >

  Team "BBQbyDan" is featured in
A Swedish Newspaper -
Specifically in their supplemental magazine that was directed towards BBQ
< more pictures & information >

California BBQ BBQ Association 
***  Hall of Fame  ***  
BBQbyDan (Dan Cannon) inducted into the California  BBQ Association - 2007
"Hall of Fame"
as an inaugural inductee!


I was most honored, humbled, and quite surprised, to be presented this honor by Thom Emery, President of the California BBQ Association (above).  It is something I will appreciate and relish from this day on. The criteria used to select the inductees is based on:

1. Community Service
2. Willingness to share & educate the public  & new teams.
3. Competition
4. Service to all in the California BBQ Association




  See this and more BBQ History at this
< BBQ History link >


Past BBQ Event Information

, Award Winning,
Signature Rubs & Seasonings

< more information >

Charitable Military BBQ Cooking Events

< click here to follow recent and past activities >


BBQbyDan Ole Hickory Pit #2
< click to see more pictures of this pit >
The second Ole Hickory Pit.  This model can handle 650 pounds of meat at a time, on 15 rotisserie (self-basting) shelves, thermostatically controlled low-and-slow perfect smoking, with evenly cooked product produced every time with two 1/4 horse large convection fans.


BBQbyDan Ole Hickory Pit #1
< click to see more pictures of this pit >
The first Ole Hickory Pit used as the master unit with #2 pit above.  Together they provide for over 1000 pounds of meat conking capability

BBQbyDan Commissary Trailer #1
< click to see more pictures of this trailer >

A Commissary Trailer fully loaded with all cooking & living amenities. 

BBQbyDan Prep Trailer #1
< click to see more  pictures of this trailer >

A Prep Trailer fully loaded with all perpetration & serving amenities. 



BBQbyDan Off-Set Smoking Pit #3
< click to see more pictures of this pit >
          An additional off-set pit capable of cooking 750+ pounds of additional meat.  Used with the above Ole Hickory's when super-large events are occurring.


Charitable Military BBQ Cooking Events
 & Operation BBQ for our Troops (OBBFOT)

Information, Updated as Events Occur


< click here to follow recent and past activities >

      There is much activity and enthusiasm that continues to occur reference "Operation BBQ for our Troops" events.  Specifically driven here in California by the VERY dedicated individual, Del King and many other volunteers and generous corporate sponsors.  There are multiple large scale events in the works for the near future.  I will keep this link very current and exciting to be a part of and follow...
       < click here to follow recent and past activities >




BBQbyDan typical Food Serving Layout

BBQbyDan Authentic & Award Winning
Catered BBQ Cuisine in Southern California

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Authentic & Award Winning BBQ Catered Cuisine
        We Cater to your special requirements.  Specializing in:
Weddings, Wedding Receptions, Private Parties, & Corporate Events

Specialized BBQ Catering to the following geographic locations throughout Southern California:
Gorman to the north, Long Beach to the south, Santa Monica to the west, and Adelanto/Riverside to the east.  Including all the following cities, Los Angeles -San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley - Encino -Santa Clarita -Valencia - Canyon Country - Acton - Agua Dulce - Lancaster - Palmdale - Woodland Hills - Chatsworth - Van Nuys - Saugus - Burbank - Simi Valley - Antelope Valley - Simi Valley - Anaheim - Pasadena - Saugus - Woodland Hills - Chatsworth - Agoura Hills - Hidden Hills - Hollywood - Westwood - West L.A. - Pacific Palisades - Santa Monica. 

Or just email or call 661-600-2530 and inquire about your city or location

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Our Beagles below have been to more BBQ Cook-Offs than any other dogs on the circuit!

Ruby, 1995 - 2011
Rocky's sister,
Always Hunting, Always Serious, Always Loving,
Always kept Rocky in Line, Always Quiet

Rocky, 1995 - 2004
Ruby's brother,
Always Smiling, Always Happy, Always Loving, Always Hungry, Always Talking

Reno, 2004 - 2016

Always Hungry, Always Chewing, Always Curious, Always Playful & Active, Always Loving, Always Irritating Ruby

Roxy, 2008 -
Newest member of the BBQ Beagle Dog Circuit!
Playful, seriously irritates Ruby the undisputed pack Matriarch, and is earning her way around


Cocoa, Reno, Turbo, & Roxy
Cocoa & Turbo came to us last year at 6 years old.

The Pack !!!
Vietnam Pictures, 1970 - 1971
Lai Khe 1971 A-Troop, 3rd of the 17th Cavalry Yearbook

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